"A Not Very Sticky Issue" - Glue De-lamination in the Shopfitting and Interior Contractor Sectors

During the course of the last few months we are seeing an increasing problem in respect of spray adhesives/glues not working as intended.

Delamination after the manufacturing and installation process is causing the shop fitting and Interior contracting sector both reputational damage and financial risk in terms of the cost of rectifying work.


It appears that some adhesives/glues are being incorrectly manufactured or branded. A recent example includes a business that thought they had been supplied with a laminate adhesive when in reality the glue was actually a carpet glue. This adhesive was branded as a laminate glue, yet we understand the constitute parts were that of a carpet glue and was consequently unfit for its intended purpose. However, upon challenge the supplier and manufacturers position was (and I suspect will continue to be) simply that the glue wasn't applied according to instructions and that it isn't a product defect but an application defect. As a consequence the message from the suppliers and manufacturers is one of : Prove the glue isn't up to scratch and also prove that you've applied the product correctly. Litigation, investigation, product testing aren't activities that our clients want to pursue for numerous reasons - do you have the time, or resources to become involved in this type of work when the reality is that the product should behave and deliver what it states.


There are a number of effects :-

A) your client may sue you for sub standard work. This may include costs for your client if they have to close their premises / business for a time;

B) you could incur a financial loss for the rework you have to complete to rectify the problem;

C) Your reputation is damaged with your customer and therefore the opportunity for future work diminished.

It is worth not underestimating the financial risk to your business - we have seen potential sums of upwards of £1M discussed in terms of the re work cost of rectifying problems and the financial loss of your customers business if they close their premises for a meaningful amount of time as a result of delamination.

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