Asset Skills Toolkit - An Information Bulletin

In recent years, talent management has become a priority for organisations worldwide due to a shortage in skilled staff, particularly managers. Talent management strategies facilitate the development of both individuals and business organisations by identifying employees with talent and ensuring that they receive the support they require.

To support you in implementing a successful talent management strategy, the Asset Skills Talent Management Project Team has developed a toolkit designed to help you think through your approach and so that you can evaluate which strategies will help your business become more successful and maintain viability in the future. Using the exercises in this toolkit, employers can develop and implement relevant talent management strategies whether these are in-house or commissioned from experts or a blend of both.

Further research work that develops this theme will be undertaken through the ‘Asset Skills EIF2 Talent Management’ programme, (funded by UKCES).

Asset Skills hope you find this report useful and informative. As Asset Skills strive to be as accurate as possible and to cover the areas of most concern to employers, please feedback to us any comments you may have. Armed with this information Asset Skills can work with employers and partners to help them develop strategies to meet their requirements and develop world class skills.

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