Driving own vehicles for work

HSE Guidelines state that Health & Safety law applies to on-the-road activities as well as all other work activities and the risks should be managed within a Health & Safety system.

Consequently Employers must conduct risk assessments and put into place measures to ensure that journeys are as far as reasonably practicable safe, vehicles are appropriate and in a safe condition and staff are competent to drive.

Employers owe the same duty to staff who use their own vehicles for work.

Procedures should be put into place to ensure that ALL vehicles (owned or employee owned) are properly maintained and conform to road traffic law. This is a relatively simple procedure for owned vehicles but is somewhat more complicated when employees use their own vehicles for work.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) have produced a leaflet making practical suggestions to assist an Employer in producing a policy governing the use of own vehicles for work and it can be accessed on this link.

Part of this policy will include document checks and integral to this is the checking of insurance. It is essential that employees who use their vehicles for work journeys have proper business use insurance and a system should be put in place to ensure compliance.

This is essential for those employees who regularly use their own vehicles for work but Employers may additionally purchase an “occasional business use insurance” which can provide comprehensive coverage for employee owned vehicles that are used occasionally for the business of the Employer. These are relatively inexpensive covers that may be purchased as an extension or in conjunction with fleet arrangements.

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