Fire Safety with Outside Storage

An information bulletin outlining the preventative measures that should be taken in order to keep the risk of an Outside Storage fire to a minimum.

Understanding the Risk

Outside storage is commonly encountered in a wide range of occupancies in the form of raw materials, partly manufactured products or components, crated finished products awaiting despatch, flammable liquids and gases, idle pallets and crates, waste materials, etc. Serious fires originating in outside storage are a frequent occurrence, often resulting in widespread destruction and major business interruption.

The main hazards presented by outside storage are summarised as:

  • Malicious ignition by vandals or arsonists
  • Ignition by carelessly discarded smoking materials, or by heat and sparks, fireworks and Chinese lanterns
  • Spontaneous combustion of oil contaminated waste and other susceptible materials
  • The risk of fire spread between buildings on site and from the neighbouring buildings and plant.

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