Hot Work

An Information bulletin containing information about Hot Work, it's procedures and the risks that can occur when working with heat.

Understanding the Risk

Each year a large number of serious fires occur in commercial, industrial and other buildings as a result of Hot Work during construction and maintenance operations.

What is Hot Work?

For the purposes of this bulletin, Hot Work is Work involving open flames, Work that produces sparks or any other activity that has the potential to generate heat: welding, brazing, soldering, grinding, bitumen boiling etc. carried out by contractors and/or own maintenance personnel.

Most of these fires arise from carelessness and poor supervision; many can be avoided if correct fire safety precautions are observed under the control of an effective Hot Work Permit System. A sample form has been provided here.

Hot Work Permits

Before authorising Hot Work, alternative safer methods should be explored, together with the possibility of the items subjected to Hot Work being removed to a safe area. Where no alternative arrangements are available, a Hot Work permit should apply. Hot Work should also be completed as early in the working day as possible.

Permit Procedure

Before commencing Hot Work, a Hot Work permit is to be issued by an authorised person who has the necessary knowledge of the hazards associated with such work and the appropriate status to ensure that procedures are enforced. This will commonly be the site Fire or Safety Officer. Such person should carry out a risk assessment of the specific task proposed, which should include the significance of any other permits to work in the vicinity of the area in which the Hot Work is to be conducted and the presence of adjacent combustible materials, flammable liquids or gases.

The Hot Work Permit should be issued for a specific task undertaken in a clearly defined area. Permits should not be issued for protracted periods and separate permits should be issued for work which extends from morning to afternoon.

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