SIA News - Changes to Licensing - Company Sponsors

The SIA online services help companies check the licences of their staff and manage licence applications on behalf of their employees.

If you are one of the company sponsors using these services you need to be aware of the changes the SIA are making to the licensing process which will affect you.

What is changing?

  • Licence applications (including renewals) will be completed and submitted online through the new self-service website.

  • Only businesses that are SIA Approved Contractors will be able to submit applications on behalf of individuals. This change means that training providers will no longer be able to submit applications on behalf of individuals.

  • The forthcoming changes introduce two new application tools available to Approved Contractors: Licence Management (LM) and Licence Assist (LA). Both LM and LA, in varying degrees, support individuals applying for SIA licences and, in the case of Licence Management, take on some of the responsibilities currently undertaken by the SIA e.g. identity checking. Both products are voluntary and it is not envisaged that all Approved Contractors will apply for LM or LA status.

  • The new online services offer a ‘pay only’ option for licence applications. This service allows training providers and other organisations to pay for the licence on behalf of the individual should they want to. In this case, the funding body needs to register as a ‘pay only’ business (through the self-service website). After completing their online licence application, the individual needs to link their account with the funding body. When the linking process is complete, the funding body will be able to make the payment through the self-service website.

What does this change mean for you?

Whether you are a provider of security services or a training business your relationship with the SIA will change. * One of the main changes that will affect you is that bulk paper applications and telephone renewals will no longer be available for private security companies (ACS and non-ACS) and other organisations such as training providers.

  • In the new ways of working, training providers will continue to play a key role in providing information and advice to applicants. Encouraging trainees to obtain an email account and to access the internet is one area where the support of training providers will be vital. This is to ensure they can set up an online account when the self-service website is available.

  • Training providers will need to understand the changes the SIA are making to the licencing process to ensure they can advise their trainees on the best application route for them.

  • Historically, training providers have helped trainees complete their paper application forms. In the future, training providers can continue this service by providing support and guidance on the online application process. It is the responsibility of the individual however to submit the application through their personal online account. The training provider cannot do this for them but can, as mentioned above, help them access the online process and pay for an individual licence once the application has been made.

  • As part of supporting trainees through the application process, training providers will have access to the Licence Pay only service which also includes online licence status checker where they can view the application process in real-time.

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Info courtesy of the Security Industry Authority