Travellers Tips

Top Tips for Business Travellers

Many companies send employees overseas on business and will be arranging Business Travel Insurance but employees have to take responsibility too. Here’s a handy list of tips your roving workforce can take with them:-

  • Take a small amount of local currency to avoid the need for changing money at the arrival airport.

  • Have a list of numbers needed to cancel credit cards as well as local numbers for anyone you may be visiting, the local embassy and the police.

  • Keep a separate record of all important numbers in case the worst happens and your phone is lost or taken.

  • Dress casually for the flight if possible and do not wear expensive watches or jewellery.

  • Ensure that all baggage is clearly marked and keep an eye on your hand luggage at all times.

  • Be careful of the information you share in conversation with fellow passengers.

  • Stay alert and look confident. Bogus taxi drivers, pick-pockets and thieves operate in and around many airports where people are tired and disorientated.

  • Arrange for someone to meet you at the airport or book a taxi. Write down the hotel or destination to help overcome any language misunderstandings.

  • Only give essential information when checking into the hotel. In some areas, it may not be wise to disclose your occupation, position, company or the name of the organisation you are visiting.

  • Familiarise yourself with the safety procedures at the hotel, such as evacuation routes and fire escapes as soon as you check in. If at all concerned speak directly to hotel staff.

  • Consider carrying a separate ‘fake’ wallet with expired credit cards and a little money. This can be handed over to robbers, if necessary.

  • Be careful when drinking alcohol, it may be of a different strength than you are used to. Remember alcohol can alter your perception and impair your judgement.

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