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  • Severe Weather

    December 2017

    Our Top Tips For How To Reduce The Impact Of Severe Weather On Your Business And Home.

  • UK Broker Awards 2017

    September 2017

    Darwin Clayton were nominated for Schemes Broker of the Year at the UK Broker Awards 2017.

  • Halloween and Bonfire Night Safety Tips

    September 2017

    A great article courtesy of one of our insurer partners LV surrounding the many dangers that are prevalent on Halloween and Bonfire Night.

  • Patio Heater Guidelines

    September 2017

    With the nights getting colder, patio heaters are the perfect way to drag the summer out a little longer and enjoy the outdoors before the cold sets in. Whether you or your business uses patio heaters in areas designed for staff or customers, it’s essential to be aware of the risks they can pose.

  • How To Effectively Manage Your Total Cost Of Risk

    August 2017

    Andy Price, Practice Leader of Motor Fleet at Zurich Insurance, gets to grips with the real cost of fleet risk, identifying a system and philosophy that will help to meet that risk and reduce your costs.

  • Why You Need To Be Considering Increased Levels of Liability Cover

    August 2017

    On 27th February 2017, the Lord Chancellor announced a cut in the discount rate, moving it from +2.5% to -0.75%. The discount rate reflects the level of investment return that a claimant can expect to achieve by investing of their award.

  • Uninsured Drivers hit by another uninsured now entitled to compensation

    June 2017

    Uninsured drivers who suffered car damage in accidents caused by another uninsured or an untraceable motorist are now entitled to compensation from the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB).

  • Obligations when it comes to managing Contractors

    June 2017

    Liabilities associated with managing contractors, and the duty of care owed to them, is often misunderstood or even ignored, despite increasing evidence of the liabilities for failing to appoint and manage such contractors.

  • Injury Claims

    June 2017

    The impact of Government Changes to the compensation received by victims of life-changing injuries.

  • Increase to IPT - June 2017

    May 2017

    Increase to Standard rate of Insurance Premium Tax

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