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  • The Voice - Winter 2015

    January 2015

    A newsletter from the British Cleaning Council

  • Health & Safety Managment - Site Manager in the Dock

    January 2015

    The outcome of a court case proves that those with management responsibilities need to take the role seriously. What happened and why did the manager in question receive a significant personal penalty?

    A construction worker fell to his death from a poorly constructed scaffold. As a result the site manager received 240 hours’ community service and a £77,500 bill for costs. Those employed to run a site must have appropriate experience and qualifications, such as passing the Site Management Safety Training Scheme.

  • Noise At Work - An Information Bulletin

    November 2014

    It has been known for many years that exposure to sudden loud noises such as gunshots or explosions can cause hearing loss.

  • How Robust Is Your Fleet Policy? - An Information Bulletin

    October 2014

    Jason Stevens, Senior Solicitor in the Crime Department at Hunt and Coombs Solicitors in Peterborough, poses the question all organisations with business drivers should be asking …..

  • The Voice - Autumn 2014

    October 2014

    A newsletter from the British Cleaning Council (BCC)

  • Working With Display Screen Equipment - An Information Bulletin

    August 2014

    Display screen equipment is a term that includes any work equipment that incorporates an electronic visual display of information. The most familiar is the computer workstation that is on the desk of most office workers and many in industry. However, it also includes other equipment that forms part of process controls and other equipment.

  • Preventing Falls From Vehicles - An Information Bulletin

    August 2014

    THINK OF A DANGEROUS industry sector and you might focus on traditionally higher-risk activities such as construction and offshore work, but in fact the transportation and storage sector accounts for a significant number of deaths and injuries at work.

  • "A Not Very Sticky Issue" - Glue De-lamination in the Shopfitting and Interior Contractor Sectors

    July 2014

    During the course of the last few months we are seeing an increasing problem in respect of spray adhesives/glues not working as intended.

  • In Pursuit of Van Excellence - An Information Bulletin

    July 2014

    Numbers and Words define and describe our world. Numbers measure our successes, failures and progress.

    Nowhere in the world is that more true than in the business of transport, and for vans in particular. And here are some numbers to think about.

  • Get Smart with Telematics - An Information Bulletin

    June 2014

    Fleet telematics consultant Colin Hartley explains how telematics can provide us with vital driver behaviour information

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