About Salisbury Group.  

As a leading facilities management and maintenance services company, Salisbury Group has national contracts across the UK, in both public and private sectors. Working with the likes of FedEx, Michael Page and HMRC, the group now has a turnover of around £50m.

Seeking out specialist knowledge

In 2015, Salisbury Group started using an insurance broker which specialised in property and real estate. The trouble was, the broker did not understand the industry under which the Salisbury Group operated. Because of this, they were very slow to answer any questions the group had and struggled to provide the in-depth level of support required. On top of this, the cover they arranged was expensive. All in all, their broker was slow, costly and showed a total lack of understanding.

Accepting liability in error   

Due to the high frequency of slips and trips in their industry, Salisbury Group had a rocky history of Public Liability claims for their HMRC contract. While many of the incidents were not their fault, a temporary staff member incorrectly accepted liability for a number of claims. As a result, Salisbury Group had a backlog of historic claims that were not properly dealt with or closed off, making it difficult to procure a competitive policy.

Finding Darwin Clayton

Once the contract with their previous broker ended, Salisbury Group began to seek out a broker with industry-specific knowledge; this is when they discovered Darwin Clayton. As they had never heard of the company before, they had some initial reservations, but these were quickly quashed when they saw what the company had to offer. They started small, arranging Manned Guarding Insurance to see how things would work out. This turned out to be an excellent move as it gave Darwin Clayton a chance to truly shine and to prove that they were head-and-shoulders above the brokers that the Salisbury Group had experienced in the past.

Righting past wrongs

Darwin Clayton wasted no time in helping Salisbury Group get to grip with their historic claims and helping to close them off. Something which their previous broker had been unable to support them with. After Darwin Clayton had resolved these claims, this allowed Salisbury Group to move forward with a better claims history. This meant they could finally source competitive cover based on the correct information.

Excelling in all areas

Before using Darwin Clayton, Salisbury had multiple policies with renewal dates spread throughout the year. However, once they recognised the extent of Darwin Clayton’s service, they switched everything over in order to source more specific, nuanced cover.

“Even though brokers I experienced in the past used to be ok at getting various policies in place, none of these were anywhere near as good as Darwin Clayton. Even much bigger companies didn’t come close to the service Darwin Clayton has provided. […]

[…] Working with them over time has only increased the amount of confidence I have in both their service and in them as people. They have demonstrated a great amount of knowledge and they’re always there to pick up the phone no matter what time of day I ring. It has been a pleasure to work with Darwin Clayton and we look forward to continue working with them in the future.”

- Russell Clutton, Finance Director of Salisbury Group

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