Bonfire Night Safety

Bonfire night is a time to enjoy the chilly outdoors with family and friends. However it’s also important to remind ourselves to stay safe by following some simple guidance and advice. Sparklers, fireworks and bonfires are all safety hazards and could impose danger if not respected.

What can we do to stay safe this bonfire night?

Fire prevention – stand away from fire and fireworks and light them well away from trees, buildings and any other hazards.

Sparklers – light one sparkler at a time and always hold them at arm’s length. Wear gloves as they reach extreme temperatures, and put them in water as soon as they’ve burnt out. Always supervise children using sparklers.

Fireworks – never tamper with fireworks and always read instructions carefully. Let neighbours know if a garden display is planned, and keep pets locked inside. Only light one firework at a time wearing gloves and use tongs when positioning them securely to light. Make sure they’re pointing towards the sky and away from any trees or buildings.

Storage – keep sparklers and fireworks stored cool in a closed box and larger fireworks in a closed metal box.

Bonfires – it’s much safer to go to an organised bonfire rather than attempting a homemade one in the garden. They should be well away from anything that could catch fire such as buildings and trees. Never put flammables on or near the fire and keep children supervised at all times.

Other important things we should remember

Now we’re in November, the nights are colder and it’s likely to rain. So wear plenty of layers and make sure to stay warm. A bucket of water and first aid kit should be to hand at all times in case of an emergency.

Article courtesy of Allianz Insurance plc

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