HMRC Phishing and Scams Warning

There has been a recent spate of “HMRC scam calls” from perpetrators claiming to collect debt on behalf of HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

These fraudster phone calls play a recorded message which threaten and mention severe consequences if an outstanding debt is not paid. You should not to follow any of the instructions given within the automated message.

HMRC Customer Support have informed the public through their official Twitter page that “all phone calls of this manner are a scam” and that “HM Revenue and Customs would never call without verifying their identity.” The UK Government website also clearly outlines that you “will never receive an email, text message or phone call from HMRC which tells you about a tax rebate or penalty or asks for your personal or payment information.”

If you are unsure about a phone call or email you have received, it is best to not click or press any buttons, and report it to immediately. HMRC have further guidance for recognising scams


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