Stay Safe during Halloween, Bonfire & Fireworks Week

Whatever your plans are for this fireworks season, staying safe during Halloween, Bonfire and Fireworks week is as important as having fun. Anti-social behaviour associated with the Halloween and firework period has become a major issue for many communities in the UK. For example, Halloween and Bonfire Night and the days running up to them, are traditionally some of the busiest nights of the year for the police, the fire brigade and other agencies.

The anti-social use of fireworks and the resultant damage which can be caused to property is a serious concern, posing a threat to all types of buildings, including commercial and residential properties, and the business community. Here are some of our tips on staying safe during the period previously dubbed as “mischief week”.

Whilst mainly focusing on Halloween and Bonfire night, these measures will also apply to other events. Fireworks are also used at other times of the year to celebrate New Year, Diwali and Chinese New Year. Following these handy hints and tips won’t take the fun out of the celebrations but they will help you to celebrate safely and reduce the risks posed by fireworks.

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