James conquers the London Landmarks Half Marathon - Darwin Clayton
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James conquers the London Landmarks Half Marathon

Let’s give a big round of applause to our very own James Shaw for conquering the London Landmarks Half Marathon! Alongside Lauren Barwell, Group People Director at Jensten, James crossed the finish line of the demanding 13.5-mile course on Sunday, April 7th, both achieving impressive times under 1 hour and 50 minutes each.

We caught up with James to glean insights into his experience:

Question: James, how was the race for you?

Answer: Having run the race previously in 2022, much of the course felt familiar, which definitely helped. The final few miles were challenging, but the incredible support along the route spurred me on. I’m excited to have shaved off over a minute from my previous time! Additionally, it was an honour to contribute to Mind, Jensten’s chosen charity this year, and I’m delighted that together, we’ve raised £990.

Question: Do you have any plans for another marathon in the future?

Answer: While I don’t have immediate plans for another half-marathon, my knees are still recovering. However, I’m certain I’ll sign up for another one later in the year!

Together, Lauren and James have raised an impressive £990 for the Mind charity, but there’s still time to contribute! Your support, no matter how small, can significantly impact the lives of vulnerable individuals. Every donation counts, and you can contribute to James’s fundraising efforts here.

James expressed his gratitude, stating, “A big thank you to everyone who has supported us. Your generosity means a lot, and every donation directly aids those in need.”

The fundraising efforts of James and Lauren have combined an impressive £990 for Mind charity of the year. However, there’s still an opportunity to contribute. Your support can truly make a difference.

Congratulations once again to James, Lauren, and all who have supported this worthy cause!


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