Real-time coaching with rewards for better drivers

We are proud to be working in partnership with Lightfoot, a market-leading risk management tool that coaches drivers in real-time. You are eligible for discounted Lightfoot technology – bringing all the benefits of a safer, greener fleet for less.

What is Lightfoot?

Lightfoot is the world’s first technology to reward better drivers. Its realtime feedback, together with an online rewards platform, makes better driving achievable and valuable. If you care about emissions, road safety, and lowering costs… Why wouldn’t you want Lightfoot?

The Lightfoot product

Lightfoot’s unique approach is based on three core principles that create genuine, lasting behavioural change.

    1- Technology

Lightfoot communicates with the engine via the on-board diagnostics port to measure how efficiently the vehicle is being driven

     2- Psychology

Lightfoot gives the driver real-time verbal and visual nudges when they need to adjust their driving style

     3- Motivation

Lightfoot turns efficient driving into a competition with scores, league tables, incentives and rewards for better driving


Lightfoot’s simple league tables and driver app are used to create competitions, reward good drivers and highlight areas for improvement. Lightfoot can be used in conjunction with, or as an alternative to, telematics. Lightfoot offers telematics and tracking and Driver ID as optional extras.

Who is Lightfoot suitable for?

Lightfoot is designed for all fleets of company cars and light commercial vehicles (up to and including 7.5T).

What are the benefits of Lightfoot?

  • Proven to reduce at-fault accidents by 40%
  • Fuel and emissions savings as high as 20%
  • Reduced wear and tear and maintenance costs
  • Lightfoot takes the hassle out of engaging with and rewarding drivers

Duty of care

  • Adjustable Key Performance Indicators to measure safe and efficient driving within your fleet
  • In-vehicle support for drivers to meet set KPIs
  • Simple, low administration reports can quickly identify drivers who need further attention

Price indication

You are entitled to Lightfoot Partner pricing,representing a 15% discount on the standard Lightfoot pricing.

Case Studies

Watch Amberon Case Study video.

Download “Sovini Case Study” document.

To find out more about Lightfoot or to arrange a demonstration meeting, please get in touch with us or contact or call 01392 340 419 and please quote “Darwin Clayton” to access the Lightfoot Partner Pricing.

Sources: Lightfoot clients and partners. Please note that Lightfoot prices are subject to change and prices may vary depending upon specific circumstances.

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