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HVAC business insurance

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Get exclusive HVAC business insurance through the specialists at Darwin Clayton. To discuss your business insurance needs or to get an HVAC insurance quote, call us on 01892 511 144 or follow the links below.

Why get HVAC business insurance through Darwin Clayton?

Having worked closely with HVAC companies for many years, Darwin Clayton has tailored an exclusive solution with some leading UK insurers to provide cover designed to protect against industry-specific risks. We also have a deep understanding of your industry, and by partnering with us, you will benefit from the following:

As you can see from the following client testimonial, your business insurance is in excellent hands with Darwin Clayton:

“We are a plumbing and mechanical contractor and we have worked with Darwin Clayton for over 10 years now. I have a lot of confidence in the Company and the team I deal with. I would always recommend Darwin Clayton. They have really cared to understand our business and business needs. For a long time I have dealt with Fiona Hankinson and I feel we have developed a good genuine relationship.

The service excellent and I really cannot fault anything”.
Stacey Smith
Nigel Smith Plumbing & Mechanical Services Ltd

What is HVAC contractors insurance?

HVAC business insurance provides financial protection against losses your business may suffer because of accidents arising through your business activities. Your specific insurance needs will vary depending on the services your HVAC business offers and on your clients’ needs, but common policy elements include:  

What does insurance for HVAC contractors cover?

Dealing with the critical systems involved in heating, water, air-conditioning, and refrigeration can mean you’re exposed to a range of risks. It is important that the insurance you have in place matches these risks your business is exposed to. Your working environment and the services you provide will affect the make-up of your HVAC contractors insurance quote.  

At Darwin Clayton, our friendly team of professionals can tailor a policy to suit your business needs. We’ve been arranging insurance solutions for HVAC contractors for over 25 years. Our HVAC contractors insurance includes policy covers such as:

As an employer, you are responsible for the health and safety of your employees whilst at work. Employers’ liability insurance (EL insurance as it’s also known) of £5m is a legal requirement if you have any staff. Businesses that hire people without having this insurance cover can face fines of up to £2,500 for each day they are uninsured. If your employee is injured or becomes ill because of the work they do for you and they bring a claim for compensation against your business, you will be protected.

Public liability for electrical contractors provides protection when you or your employees are held liable for accidents that caused injury to your clients, customers, or the public, or if their property was damaged because of your business activities.

The HVAC contractors’ insurance we arrange includes an extension of cover for damage to property being worked upon. So, if you accidentally damage HVAC equipment you are working on, this will protect you against the cost of repair or replacement. Not all policies offer this level of protection.

If the products you supply to customers cause damage or injury, you could be held liable in the event of the claim. 

If the products you supply to customers cause damage or injury, you could be held liable in the event of the claim. 

If a product you supply fails to perform its intended function, this could result in disastrous consequences and significant losses for your clients. This cover will protect your HVAC business for the resulting claim investigation, defence, legal proceedings, and compensation.

In the event of injury or property damage caused by defective products, our policy covers the cost of rectifying the cost of defective products.

Financial loss insurance covers your business against losses which you become legally liable to pay as compensation, plus costs and expenses for accidental financial loss where no damage has occurred.

Are there any optional covers for HVAC contractors insurance?

You may need some additional covers added to your HVAC business insurance quote, depending on the nature of your work. Options for these include:

This covers the value of the work being carried out prior to completion of the contract.  It insures the works against accidental loss, damage, or destruction.

Covers damages to plant and tools that you own whilst at the contract site, in transit or at your premises. 

This covers damage to plant hired in by you whilst at the contract site, in transit or at your premises.

This covers physical loss or damage to tools belonging to employees, principals, partners, or directors within territorial limits.

With the many risks faced by businesses, seeking legal advice and formulating legal documents, such as employment contracts, can be time-consuming and expensive when the services of solicitors and other legal experts are engaged. Legal expenses cover not only offers the services of legal representation but also provides free legal advice on a range of legal problems and access to a suite of helpful documents.

Covers your office contents, computer equipment, trade plant and machinery, stock, and buildings.

Covers financial losses following an incident such as fire or flood, protecting your business should you incur additional costs to continue trading to your previous level.

if you offer any design, consultancy or advisory services, then professional indemnity – or PI insurance – is important for protecting your business. Professional indemnity insurance protects you against claims for loss or damage made by clients or third parties over negligent advice you have offered. This cover is often a contractual requirement with your customers, even when you do not provide any consultancy or advice. 

This cover will protect your business from losses and damages resulting from acts of terrorism.

As with any insurance policy there are terms and exclusions, we will discuss this with you during the quotation process.

Does Darwin Clayton offer any additional policies to protect your HVAC business?

You may need some additional covers added to your HVAC insurance quote, depending on the nature of your work. Options for these include:

The UK has observed a significant rise in cyber-attacks, as highlighted by the 2023 Cyber Security Breaches Survey conducted for the UK Government, revealing that 59% of medium-sized organisations reported experiencing a cyber security breach or attack within the past 12 months. As this threat escalates, considering a cyber insurance quote becomes more important for a modern business.

Often referred to as directors & officers (D&O) insurance, protects against the expenses related to compensation claims filed against your directors, officers, or top-level management for purported wrongful actions.  These claims may arise from various sources, including dissatisfied employees, clients, investors, stakeholders, and regulatory bodies, and might encompass civil, criminal, or regulatory proceedings. Additionally, a management liability policy can include coverage for legal expenses incurred by directors in their defence during such cases.

This insurance cover includes three core elements: 

  • A separate cover for your computer equipment
  • Contractors plant covers your machinery such as a cherry picker or MEWP
  • As your equipment should be inspected regularly, this policy covers you for statutory inspection service

This cover offers you a loss adjuster to work on your behalf to investigate and present your property and business interruption claim to the insurer. This cover can be invaluable if your business suffers a serious loss following a flood or fire. 

If one of your employees has an accident, and it leads to temporary or permanent disablement, or even death, a benefit payment will be made. Business travel can also be added to this cover.  

  • Motor fleet insurance covers your multiple vehicles on a single policy. It can be a mix of vehicles, including vans, cars, and trucks.
  • Uninsured loss recovery insurance pays for a solicitor to pursue a guilty third party for recovery of your uninsured losses such as policy excess, hire vehicle charge, loss of earnings; as well as costs to pursue a personal injury claim
  • GAP insurance will cover the outstanding balance of a finance or lease agreement on your motor vehicle following its write-off or up to 25% of the write-off value.

If a customer fails to pay you for services or products, whether it’s due to insolvency, refusal, or inability to pay, credit insurance will indemnify your losses. The insurance will also provide insights into customers credit ratings and what limits of credits to offer. 

Performance bonds are a type of surety bond and are written promises to pay for direct loss of damage suffered by third party as a result of a breach of contract. Performance bonds are typically issued for 10% of contract value and are common with construction projects to protect the employer against the contractor failing.

HVAC business insurance FAQs

It’s important for HVAC contractors to get the right insurance. To help you do that, here are our HVAC insurance frequently asked questions. We hope they are helpful, but if you’d like any advice, please call us on 01892 511 144. Our friendly team of insurance professionals are here to help.

If you have employees, you will need at least £5m of employers’ liability insurance – that is a legal requirement.

Your specific insurance needs may vary depending on the service your HVAC business offers and your clients’ needs. Common covers we arrange include public liability, employers’ liability, product liability, product inefficacy, professional indemnity, contract works, plant and tools insurance.

Because accidents happen. Accidental damage to a client’s property, injury to a third party, exposure to strong chemicals, stolen or damaged equipment and other unexpected events could mean your business loses money, misses business opportunities, or could even cease your business’s operations. A good HVAC contractor’s insurance policy provides cover should these situations arise, protecting your business from legal and financial liabilities.

Getting a quote is easy. You can call us on 01892 511 144, and our experienced team of professionals will help you find the protection you need. We understand your industry, and we will work with you to design insurance cover to suit your HVAC business’s requirements.

That will depend on the level of protection your business requires, your annual wages and turnover, what equipment you have, your claims history, etc. If you would like to get a HVAC insurance quote, call us on 01892 511 144 or start your quote here.

Like some HVAC contractors insurance help?

If you’d like some help with your HVAC contractors insurance, please give us a call on 01892 511 144. Our team of insurance advisors will be happy to help you get the protection you need and offer you an HVAC contractor’s insurance quote.