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  • "A Not Very Sticky Issue" - Glue De-lamination in the Shopfitting and Interior Contractor Sectors

    July 2014

    During the course of the last few months we are seeing an increasing problem in respect of spray adhesives/glues not working as intended.

  • In Pursuit of Van Excellence - An Information Bulletin

    July 2014

    Numbers and Words define and describe our world. Numbers measure our successes, failures and progress.

    Nowhere in the world is that more true than in the business of transport, and for vans in particular. And here are some numbers to think about.

  • Get Smart with Telematics - An Information Bulletin

    June 2014

    Fleet telematics consultant Colin Hartley explains how telematics can provide us with vital driver behaviour information

  • The Ergonomics of Driving - An Information Bulletin

    May 2014

    Many High Mileage business drivers report lower back, shoulder and neck discomfort but don’t make the connection between these symptoms and their driving position. This is due to the fact that musculoskeletal problems such as these develop slowly over time.

  • Gas Safety - An Information Bulletin

    March 2014

    An information bulletin outlining the safety procedures that should be undertaken if you have and use gas appliances, including what to do in a gas related emergency.

  • Overhaul and Prevent a Fall?

    March 2014

    Ashley Hoadley of Darwin Clayton outlines the recent changes to HSE guidance for working at height, in the latest issue of Tomorrows Cleaning magazine, which can be found by clicking here...

  • Warehouse Fire Safety - An Information Bulletin

    March 2014

    Fires in warehouses are a common occurrence, often causing widespread damage and resulting in serious business interruption. For many years arson/malicious ignition has been by far the leading known cause of fires in commercial and industrial premises, followed by fires of electrical origin.

  • Health & Safety Information for Employees Poster

    March 2014

    The 1999 version of the Health and Safety – Information for Employees poster was replaced with the current 2009 version. To help avoid an unnecessary burden on businesses, the HSE Board set a five-year transition period for replacing the 1999 poster and leaflet, this period is about to expire and the 1999 poster or leaflet must be replaced with the 2009 poster or leaflet no later than 5 April 2014.

  • Asset Skills Toolkit - An Information Bulletin

    February 2014

    In recent years, talent management has become a priority for organisations worldwide due to a shortage in skilled staff, particularly managers. Talent management strategies facilitate the development of both individuals and business organisations by identifying employees with talent and ensuring that they receive the support they require.

  • Office Fire Safety - An Information Bulletin

    January 2014

    An information bulletin outlining the precautions that should be followed to prevent a fire in the Office or Workplace.

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