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Carbon Reporting: What’s the impact?

Carbon reporting is becoming an increasingly important topic in the construction, building and facilities management industries, with many countries implementing laws and regulations aimed at reducing carbon emissions. Building services contractors are particularly impacted

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Underinsurance Claims Scenario

You wouldn’t want to hear that your insurance won’t be enough to cover a claim. Businesses across the UK that are already struggling, thanks to surging inflation and its knock-on effect on the cost

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Summer Risk Management guide

While we all look forward to the hot summer weather, it’s important to acknowledge and address the potential risks that come with this season. Summer can bring a lot of hazards such as the

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Programming code abstract technology background

Your Business is at Risk

Cyber & Data risks are an exposure that no modern business can escape, and the financial impact of system interruption, privacy and cyber-crime events are now felt across all sectors. According to the 2023 Cyber

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Spring Risk Management Solutions Guide

Stay informed about potential weather-related risks and hazards that may arise during the spring season. Spring is a time when we experience changing weather patterns. Our Spring Risk Management Solutions guide provides you with

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